Purchasing a Home with Jason

I look forward to helping you with your home purchase! Here is what you can expect when you work with me:

Jason-Cook-Icon-ConversationYour Wants, Needs and Priorities
First, we need to sit down and gather information.  This will happen periodically throughout the process, so I can ensure that I am on target to help you find the perfect match for your wants and needs.

I will ask questions to ascertain not only what you are looking for, but also what you already know about buying a home.  Understanding trends and facts about the real estate market in your desired area is key.   Together we will hone that wants and needs list in as exact a way as possible to make certain our search is on point.  Knowing what your most important factors are will help steer the search.  For you, is it getting in the right neighborhood, or in the perfectly laid-out home?  Close to our spectacular scenery and recreational areas, or closer to shopping or work?  I will show you the tools I use to perform that search based on what our interview revealed.

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In addition, I will ask you about timing, how much you can afford for this purchase, and what your expectations of this partnership might be.   What is your favored method of communication with me?  What role will the internet play?  What additional skills and strategies do I bring to the table?

Jason-Cook-Icons-CalculatorYour Budget
There are several ways to finance the purchase of a home.  You will need to take care of preapproval.  I have a list of lenders I can recommend for that.  We don’t want to start a detailed search until we know that you are ready to move forward and exactly how much you can comfortably spend.

Jason-Cook-Icon-Home2The Home Search
We will be very busy during this step of the process.  I will send you homes that I have either previewed or prescreened for you to preview to see if they fit your criteria.  Your decisions on these initial suggestions will help me narrow or widen the search. Keep in mind that your prioritized list of features and locations may undergo change during your search.  If you are employed or otherwise busy during the week, I can also visit a potential home for you, record a video on my phone, and then upload it to YouTube for a private viewing.  We will talk about smells, creaky floors, natural lighting and other qualities important to you.

Communication at this point will be frequent and detailed. What is the best method for you – voice, in person, text, email, Facetime or Skype?  I want to keep in touch, but in a manner which is comfortable and convenient for you.

Jason-Cook-Icon-EducateEducating on the offer process
Here is where strategy really comes into play.  I will advise you on writing up a strong offer.  Keeping market conditions in mind, I will be here to recommend escalation, waiving contingencies or holding the line.  Each step will be explained.  Every case is different and will be handled as such.  Preinspection, full inspection or a quick inspection?  Educating the client on his/her rights and expectations is a job I take very seriously.

Jason-Cook-Icon-KeysThe keys!
It’s an emotional moment that I love sharing with clients.  Let’s work together to get you into the home of your dreams on the Eastside.